Custom date fields and performance

  • 24 March 2023
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I want to give our customers a possibility to use custom date fields and as I know that date dimensions consume disk space and if there are too many of them it might have an impact on performance, I’d like to understand better the breadth of possible impact.

In our product we have few segments that define basic LDM variations and inside them customer workspaces. Each customer can freely choose how many of available custom date fields they will use, not used will be hidden (marked as deprecated).

Considering setup with segments A, B and C, each with a different amount of available custom date fields (let’s say 50, 100 and 150), and customer workspaces where in segment C there is client c1 using many of them and also loading bigger amounts of data, where performance issues can be visible? Will it be on c1 customer workspace only, or maybe on the whole segment, or actually on all segments, for the whole product?





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Hi Hanka,

Every workspace, even if they are within the same segment works on top of a separate database on the backed. So for example if  optimal performance on the c1 workspace would be affected because of many custom date fields and significant amount of data, performance of other customer workspaces wouldn’t be affected.


That’s great news, thanks!