Best method for updating a table in a data model

  • 22 October 2021
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After initially creating a data model with various tables I sometimes need to update a table as more columns have been added to the external (PostgreSQL) data warehouse that I am using.

I have noticed that if I go to the Data page and edit the model, I can drag the column from the listing on the left of the page to the main data area and set the column types as usual. However, after clicking the import button, the changes do not appear and the table remains as it was previously.

It is also possible to delete the table entirely from the data model and then drag it into the data area and set the column types and references again. After clicking the import button this does replace the old table, but then saving the model results in all custom metrics and insights being wiped even if all tables and columns used are still present in the updated table(s).

My question is, is it possible to update a table in a data model in such a way that any metrics or insights are kept?



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Any time you would delete or change a dataset in the LDM, it can have effects on the objects used in that dataset. So, you should be aware of what reports/metrics are using the objects you are updating, otherwise you may need to recreate them. 

If you are working in the modeler of the UI, you can go into edit mode, make your changes and then hit the save button. More information on updating an LDM can be found HERE