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  • 8 January 2022
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I want to bring in a certain table several times with different names to the LDM, is that at all possibile in Gooddata?


Essentially the same as creating views on a table on the database side.


I have a table that holds descriptive labels for some dimensions, for some reason they are all in one table. So I need to bring it in once as “Age Dimension” (with filter on a certain value and a join to a age_id in the fact table) and then once again as “Gender Dimension” (with filter on another value and join on gender_id in the fact table). Etc. 




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3 replies

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Hello Thomas,

It’s possible to reuse the same table multiple times in GoodData.

I will assume that you have your data stored in some database and you are loading data via automated data distribution (v2).

The way you load data to GoodData is that you have output stage tables, which should be representing datasets in GoodData 1:1.

Therefore, in your DB you should have separate tables for Age Dimension and Gender Dimension, with data prepared to load to GD. However, those can also be views (projections) therefore you can construct two separate views representing two datasets in GoodData by using columns from the same physical tables.

I hope that helps.


Best regards,

Boris from GoodData Support

Yes, so I created views in my database in the end. Easy solution, and the correct one. Thanks. But still, my understanding is that I cannot do it in Gooddata LDM. Not a big issue, but It’d be nice to be able to manipulate the data import into LDM with raw SQL as sometimes there is “tidying up” to do. 

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Hi Thomas,

I understand what you mean.

But currently the use case is that all the data cleaning and transformations are done before the data are loaded to the workspaces. 

I’ll pass your feedback to our product team to consider it in future product development plans.


Thank you!