Historical Attribute data

  • 1 October 2020
  • 2 replies

When I add an attribute to a report, it’s splitting up the data into two lines as it contains older (historical) data which has since been updated.

Is it possible to add the attribute to a report with the latest data entry and ignore the historical data?

2 replies

Yes, the 2nd option is best however what if some values don’t have an attribute entry on purpose (so should show empty value). Also, I don’t want the older data removed, I want the data combined on one line and not split

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Hi @emjay, if I understand correctly, your team has added a new attribute to GoodData but you have not populated the older records.

I can see two options:

  • Reloading all data to make sure even the historical data are populated
  • Updating your report with a report specific filter that would filter out empty values from the newly added column. 

I think the second option is closer to what you are looking for, is it correct?