Why are my metrics only working when attributes are also used?

  • 24 January 2022
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I have a handful of metrics that I created that only work correctly in reports where variables/attributes are used, but if I include them in a headline report with no/minimal filtering, they are not calculating correctly. Here is an example of the MAQL code, and then 2 reports using this metric on the same dashboard with the same filters applied. One you can see is broken down using the variables and attributes and the other is not. The totals do not match up.


The variables are both numerical values as well as filtered variables.


Is there something I should be including in the MAQL that will allow the results to calculate according to the variables and attributes listed below without explicitly including those in a report?  














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4 replies

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Hi Courtney, 

Thank you for your question. Please note headline reports contain no attributes, although they may include one or more filters. The metric context, (filters applied, attributes), may also prompt the totals to differ. Can you please make sure the metric is fully compatible with the headline report? You can find more information here:  Creating a Headline Report


Also, please note that Headline reports in Analytical Designer work slighlitly different than in Reports (Enterprise users only). Have you taken into account the details here: Headlines?


Let us know how it goes!


Best regards, 





Yes, I know that attributes are not included in headline reports. I am trying to figure out how to get the metric listed above to act the same whether it is in a headline report or another type of report, as shown in the original post. 


The headline report that I have shown above should show the total of 810, which is the sum of the values in the table that is shown. Perhaps this is something I should open a case about?

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In that case, could you please submit a ticket with all these details? You can do so through our Support portal here: GoodData Support. We would need to take a closer look at your metric definition. Thanks!

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As found internally, the workspace had several validation issues. We cannot fully guarantee the results in the reports until these referential integrity issues are dealt with. A workaround was found by Courtney and her team.