Using setFilterContext with our id instead of Gooddata Id

  • 7 November 2022
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We are trying to implement filters on GoodData report using setFilterContext but while sending payload it goes as 


where id  = 13 is the id in goodData, but instead we want to use id that we have in our system (19 is that ID of the same element in our data base) ,
How to implement it ?



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Hi Ram,

May I know what exactly do you mean by your system, please? Are we speaking about your source data?
Is the "19" a real value or is also an id of chosen value?

19 is the ID of the same element in our data base

customer table

id gooddata id name
19 13 abc
14 33 pqr


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Let me reply here with the answer provided internally for the record: you definitely won't be able to use the ID from your internal database as there's no connection between ids in your DB and GoodData DB. The advantage of using the values identifiers is that the same value has the same ID across all attributes and also it doesn't change in different workspaces, if you are using LCM.