More than two columns in a dashboard

  • 12 April 2021
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Is it possible to customize the dashboard layout to allow more than two insights on one row? The dashboard editor is limiting to two per row. For my usecase, I am trying to have about half a dozen horizontal bar chart insights on one row, to show different slices of data all at once. 


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5 replies

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Once you are in edit mode on the dashboard, you can see a dotted line showing the separation of the insights placed on the dashboard. However, this will also change the size of the insights being displayed: 


However, putting 6 bar charts on one row might look pretty crammed. Nevertheless, our product team is constantly looking to improve the functionality of the dashboards, so this could be on the roadmap in the near future. 

I see the dotted line and can drag to change the size of the two charts that I have in the row. However, even though there is space to the right of charts, I am not able to drag another chart into the same row.

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I’m sorry for the troubles on this, but I’m afraid the size is too small for all of your reports in the row. I’ve tagged this for product feedback, so our Product Management team can review the case. 

Hi all, have you replied by the Product Management team? 

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Hi Igor, 

Thanks for following up here. Please note that the total width of the page is 12 columns you can resize the chart to fit any number of those columns. E.g. one chart 8 col wide and another 4 col wide. If your screen is below some threshold value it will start to wrap to the next line. Can you please make sure your browser’s screen is wide enough so the columns can fit? Also, make sure the chart sizes are appropiate as shown in my screenshot: 



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