Migrate Insights from workspace A to workspace B

  • 19 August 2020
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is it possible to migrate insights from one workspace to another?

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Hello Keith,


thanks for sending this in! 

You can migrate the reports created in Analyze section and KPIs between workspaces using grey pages or API.

The easier option is probably migration using grey pages, so let me explain how to do that.


First, find the report ID (object URI) in the grey pages (remember this is valid for reports created in Analyze): 

If you don't have White label solution:


If you have White label solution: 



How to get a object URI:


Now once you have the object URI, you will need to perform a partial export of the report:<workspace_id>/maintenance/partialmdexport



Insert the object URI into the grey box and hit the “Submit” button.

A poll link is created and once the object is exported, the token is generated - save it, you will need it in a second.


So now you have the token (within the token, the metadata of exported object is stored), you can log in to the other workspace into which you would like to clone the object.

We will import the object using partial export:<workspace_id>/maintenance/partialmdimport



Insert the token you save in the previous step and hit “Submit”.

A poll link is created and once the object is imported, your object should be ready to use.  :-)


The same steps apply to export and import of KPIs objects, what differs is where the object URIs are stored.

The link is here, so you just need to find the correct KPI object to export:<workspace_id>/query/analyticaldashboard




More topics related to White label, export/import, how to find a workspace id can be found here:


Please note, workspace = project.

Hope this helps,