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  • 3 February 2023
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  i have a reference insight and i don’t know how the ‘Policy Count - SP year ago’ in the metrics are calculated and why the same column is unchangeable as in to view the calculations done for the same column.Please do help me to solve this issue to create a same insight in another workspace and consider the attached image too!!


Thank you


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Hi Preetham, 

if you would like to see the calculation of a measure and see the MAQL query you can just click the arrow icon 🔽 next to the measure - Then from there you can hover your cursor over the ? icon and the definition of the measure will be visible - Please see the screenshot below which highlights this: 

If you would like to dig into the measure further you can click the "View details" button from there.

If this isn't quite what you're looking for or if I have misunderstood your issue, please can you provide a more detailed overview of the issue you're facing and I will be happy to assist furthere here.



But i am unable to find the arrow on the left side of ‘Policy Count - SP year ago’  in the attached image where this insight i am using as a referal to replicate it.So,please help me to achieve it.but why is the attached image do not have an  arrow on the left side of ‘Policy Count - SP year ago’ in the attached image?


Thank you