Hiding of default date filter in dashboards

  • 25 February 2022
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Long time no see.

I have started to build some dashboards where I do not need the default date filter. I know that I can just set it to “all time” value, but I would prefer to remove it completely. Is it somehow possible?




Best answer by Jan Kos 25 February 2022, 12:57

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Hello Simone,


There is no straightforward way to disable the default date filter on a dashboard. But there is a workaround using our “Grey pages”.

  1. Navigate to https://{your_domain}.com/gdc/md/{workspace_id}/query/analyticaldashboard - this resource will give you list of all dashboards.
  2. Find the dashboard you want to edit, open it and you will get the definition of the dashboard. 
  3. Put following line in the URL “?mode=edit”. URL would look like this for example: https://{your_domain}.com/gdc/md/{workspace_id}/query/analyticaldashboard/obj/128567/?mode=edit - this will allow you to edit the dashboard definition.
  4. Add the following to the “content” field: 

    "dateFilterConfig" : {
    "filterName" : "Date range",
    "mode" : "hidden"

    and submit the changes.

The default filter is now disabled.