GoodData.CN force cache invalidation

  • 24 May 2022
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Hi GoodData,

I’ve seen a topic about the multi-layered caching system of the GoodData here. My question would be that how can we force cache invalidation via API, Helm chart options or anything (we’re using “on-premise” GoodData.CN)? Imagine that we would have daily/hourly ETL jobs so we would like to have the dashboards up-to-date after the ETL processes are done. What is the recommended solution for this? 




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2 replies

Maybe I’ve found it, should I use this API endpoint? Thanks!

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This endpoint is exactly what you need for invalidating of all caches.

The invalidation is an atomic operation - it changes an internal ID, which is used for calculations of caches IDs. Once changed in a single transaction, new cache IDs are calculated, never in the conflict with the old IDs.

Caches are garbage collected asynchronously and automatically, you do not need to take care of it.