Geo Chart - in the dashboard does not maintain regional focus

  • 8 September 2022
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I have built a Geo Chart where I have used the Map configuration to default the viewpoint to Asia - and have further focused in on South East Asia.  However, when I push it into the dashboard the view is fixed on the full world view.  

Is there something that I might be doing incorrectly?


Best answer by Joseph Heun 8 September 2022, 16:07

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6 replies

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Could you please confirm which product you are working with here? Is it the platform or CN or Cloud?

You should make sure that the map is filtered correctly and you are not breaching any limits with the data points; which is 25000. 

Thank you Joseph

I am using the Good Data Platform - on the free package.

I have less than 25,000 data points for this.  

The image below is what I see when I am building the Geo Chart.  However, when I have it in the dashboard it automatically moves it to a global view.


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Could you please confirm if any dashboard filters are being used? There could be filters at play displaying the whole map.

There is a filter available but it is set on “All” which is for the Date Range variable only.


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After further testing, it appears the focal points in the insights do not necessarily carry over. In fact, the wdget size is what is determining the focal point. If you have the widget on the dashboard set to it’s smallest size, it should focus on the continent a bit better. 


Could you please try decreasing the size of the widget to try and reach your desired results?

Thank you for your help Joseph.

Even when I shrink the widget to the minimal size, it is still showing the full global map.  Might just have the users zoom in when they are using it.  Hopefully there might be a way to better show focus on these in the future.