Export/Import: some Dashboards not visible after copying from a different project

  • 12 January 2022
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Hi team,

I have copied 3 dashboards between 2 workspaces. After importing the dashboards to the target project, 3 other similar dashboards in the target project disappeared. I cannot see them anymore, but the 3 new dashboards are there. I copied 3 dashboards from this project: havcd723mmm69cs5ujz6d9k4a7ce8 - to this project: audcfba5qtg8k3o8bheiln8p0zdfetqv3. Now in the destination project audcfba5qtg8k3o8bheiln8p0zdfetqv3 the 3 other dashboards are not visible anymore. I have also checked grey pages and I cannot see them there either. 

Can you please help me to understand why I can no longer see those dashboards?

Thank you! 


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Hi Samantha, 

I think I know what has happened here. If the dashboards have the same identifiers, the import has overridden the existing dashboards with the imported ones. That's the expected behaviour when you clone (export/import) objects with the same identifier. I am unable check the if the identifiers are the same in the mentioned projects/dashboards because I don't have "Admin" access into your projects.  But you can check this on your side via Grey Pages here: 


• You need to add your domain to the above URL's

Open the dashboards in both of the projects and scroll to the bottom of the object/dashboard in grey pages and see: "identifier"

If the dashboards have the same "identifiers" the import has overridden the older dashboards with the new dashboards. If this is the case, I am afraid that only way to recover the dashboards would be to restore the project from a previous backup. The correct approach to avoid this would be to duplicate the dashboards before the exporting so that the dashboards acquires a new object identifier. 

Thank you very much - this helped me identify the issue I was running into.