Error copying a tab to a new dashboard

  • 15 September 2022
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Good Morning!!

Yesterday I started getting this error when trying to copy a tab to a new dashboard.

I couldn't identify the problem as it was working normally before. Could you let me know what could be happening?

Thanks for the help!

2 replies

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Good Morning, 


It is hard to distinguish the root cause without further information here. Could you please provide us with the project ID, the particular Dashboard tab URI and invite our support user into the project so we can investigate further? 



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Hi Jeferson, 

another approach here for us to be able to help would be for you to provide us with the related Error ID or Request ID. If you can replicate the issue while having your Dev tool in your browser open you should be able to find the Error ID or Request ID which will be highlighted in red. Please see the following article which you may find useful in finding these details for us: