Embedding Analytical Designer

  • 3 July 2020
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Analytical Designer is really nice tool for ad-hoc analysis. Is there a way how to incorporate it to our web application? Thank you.


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We are glad to hear you like the Analytical Designer!

Long story short:

  • You can embed Analytical Designer using an IFRAME. You can add an embeddable URL of the Analytical Designer by replacing /analyze/ in the URL with /analyze/embedded/
    Example: https://<your hostname>/analyze/embedded/#/<your workspace ID>/reportId/edit
  • Optionally, you can use JavaScript cross-frame messaging and URL parameters to further customize the appearance of the embedded Analytical Designer
  • You can set up single sign on to make sure your authenticated users can access the Analytical Designer without having to provide GoodData credentials

On this page, you can find the necessary steps to incorporate it into your web application:

Since you will still need to authenticate your access to GoodData, you may want to set up single sign on (SSO), the documentation is available from