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  • 27 October 2021
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Good evening!

Is there any way to create a button inside a dashboard that when pressed directs the user to a tab present on that dashboard?


Best answer by Joseph Heun 27 October 2021, 20:57

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If you are working in the older Pixel Perfect UI, then there are two options to proceed with this:

1)  A Web Content Box with Transparent Image the size of the Chart, that is linked to the 2nd Tab:

• This can be achieved using a description  "Text" box - You can then remove any text there, then you setup a hyperlink using the option highlighted below - and then change the overlay settings: Move to Back/Front when over your original report 


2) 2nd Tab: A more in-depth and detailed version of that Chart ready for PDFing by itself:

• Which ever report you want to drill into -  You would either setup a report in the way you want it to look, or you can create a dashboard (Keep this hidden), and place the report there. Once created, you would link this - As described in step 1 above

Please note: A similar approach to what you're wanting to achieve can be done by Drilling: In, Across, Down - More info can be found here: Drilling Into Reports


However, if you are working in the KPI dashboards, you could try drilling to another dashboard