Displayed number differs from the dataset

  • 4 May 2022
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We have a problem probably with a numerical orders. For one of the datasets, the value reached 12086075,0816709 in the database. In the data model, the column is defined as decimal (12.2). Therefore, the value in the dashboards should be displayed as 12086075,08 without any problems, and we still have a reserve of two orders (__12086075,08). However, for unexplained reasons, the number 1 is displayed in the dashboard, when I hover over the number, the value 1.21 is displayed in the pop-up little window. Other numbers for a different products in same table of the dashboard are right (their value is smaller then 10M). Is there a solution on our or your side? I tried to change the rounding and datatype in GD in a various ways, but it didn't help.
Many thanks.


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Hi Anna,


When values are off based on the source data and the number formatting is not helping, there could be some underlying validation issues. Could you please check the project validation and make sure there are no connected issues related to the objects used in the report?