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  • 26 August 2022
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I was wondering maybe someone can advise what is the best place to keep the definitions (something like a readme file or a internal knowledge base)?
Attributes and facts are listed in “Manage” tab and have a description field which is great. But some general assumptions (like how the data was pre-calculated before getting into data model or what is out of the scope) also needs to be defined and described sometimes but I cannot find where can it be done. 
I also wanted to ask whether there’s a way to enable a possibility to dive into attributes and facts descriptions directly from the dashboards or insights?


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Hi Julius, thanks much for getting back to me on this subject. For now we have decided to proceed with an external tool for these purposes (gitlab repo) cos parts we want to document are not related directly to dashboards or metrics but more to the general logic behind the data layer. But this plugin will be really useful for dashboards indeed.

Thanks for sharing it!

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Hello Masha,


Thanks for the reply. The option which was highlighted by my college wouldn’t be possible as you are using the new UI. 


However, you could use the description for the particular Insight on the Dashboard (as can be seen on your screenshot). If that wouldn’t be sufficient, there is also the possibility to use a dashboard plugin which can expand the textual description. You can check more about the particular plugin here:


Please note that this would require a person with some development skills on your side and we would need to enable a bucket which will store your source code.


Let us know in case you would like to go this way.

Hi Iva, thank much for your reply and sorry for a delayed reply from my side. Yes, we’re using GoodData Platform but not sure about Pixel Perfect User Interface (I guess not but maybe I can read about it a bit more somewhere?).
So your suggestions sound valid and would work great but I do not see either tabs or widgets functionality as described in the article. Maybe it’s somehow related to the article’s disclaimer about CloudConnect being a legacy tool so this functionality is not available anymore?
Thanks much in advance for clarifying this!


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Hi Masha,

Good question, indeed!

May I ask how are you using your GoodData analytics, please? In case, you are using our GoodData Platform and Pixel Perfect User Interface, I would reconsider to build a separate tab with some introduction, or adding some Text widgets next to your reporting as described in this article.