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  • 9 March 2023
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I have a funny situation where after adding a date to rows when creating an insight, not all dates in the select have proper names displayed. 

Our LDM assumes, that apart from regular date fields there are also few custom ones, that our customers can define freely, those are Group Custom Date Field 1-6. Once customers have defined their custom fields, we’re renaming them according to their settings. Here you can see that Group Custom Date Field 1-3 have been renamed to Project Scheduled Date…, Contract Signed Date … and Closeout Date & Time...

In the date select, for regular date fields I can see their proper name, however, for those custom ones, there’s original name displayed (Group Custom Date Field 1) instead the one after renaming.

What can be done to have date displaying proper name?


Another issue is that the name is transformed and consists only of what’s in parenthesis if they are in the name. Here you can see only COM name. 

What naming conventions have to be met to have it working correctly? Is there some set of characters that can’t be used here? Ideally, it would be the best to allow our customers to name fields as they need, but if there are restrictions, is there a list of them somewhere in the docs? I couldn’t find it.


Thanks in advance!


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Hi Hanka, 


May I know how are you editing the names of the Date Datasets? I’ve updated it via the LDM by placing the LDM in edit mode and then entered the new value. The name will not show in full if it’s too long, unless you hover your mouse over it:


Another thing to take into account is the size of your browser window and compatibility. I recommend checking: System Requirements and Supported Browsers | GoodData Free



Hi Moises,

I don’t see an option to edit it in the UI, even in edit mode:

What we use is a rename fields brick that takes the attached fields_mapping.csv file which is sent to S3, it works well for all the other fields.



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You can double click the dataset’s name: 



Let me know if this helps. 



Ok, I’ve missed that double click on the dataset name option. After updating it manually indeed the name appears correctly.

What I’ve noticed is that for save LDM confirmation, there were plenty of updates of visual properties, as below.

So for each date there would be more attributes to rename, right? Where can I get a list of them all?


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Perfect. The MAQL DDL script applies the changes to all the attributes in the dataset as they must be tied to the correct dataset name. You can find a list of all the elements by navigating to {{your_domain}}/gdc/md/{{wid}}/obj/{{id}} where “id” is the last number taken from the URL of the date dataset page under the “Data” section. Alternatively, you can also use the GoodData Extension Tool for Chrome and click object > object while in the date dataset page under the “Data” section.

So the endpoint didn’t give me all the objects I had to update, but in the UI I could check MAQL generated for when saving the model after updating date dataset name. Taking the list from there renaming works well. There’s 70 updates per dataset, however 😱

Thanks for your help!