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  • 13 August 2021
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Hi! Could you please help me to set up dashboard filters?
I have two vidgets on the dashboard, each vidget has its own dataset as datasourse ("Dshb recruiting ratio" and "Dshb open job posting"). Both datasets have the "Employer "attribute. I'm trying to place the "Employer" filter on dashboard so it'd affect both vidgets. But in current configuration it doesn't work. I have to add two different filters based on Dshb_recruiting_ratio.Employer and Dshb_open_job_posting.Employer as "OJP Employer" each of them affecting corresponding vidget. Is there any way to configure single Employer filter affecting both widgets?


PS I'm using GoodData CN. 



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Since the employer attribute lies within separate datasets, there isn’t a way to combine them into one filter. Each of those objects are their own entity within the LDM. 

There are some tricks you can try to apply to your metrics to help with filtering such as the WHERE clause which will help filter results at the metric level, but I’m afraid with your current set up and source data you will still need to use the two filters. 

Hi, I already answered this on Slack so just let me just repeat my response also for other community members. Your model should have a standalone dataset for Employer details, another one for Departments etc. Because ideally you do not want to have any duplicities in. Once you have the datasets you can create logical connections between them based on their relations. This will help you to have the filtering exactly as you need. Right here on the Community we already have nice article with an example.  (plus you can register to the GoodData University where all the necessary rules are explained).