Dashboard embedding via iframe and prefiltering data

  • 30 November 2022
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We are trying to embed the dashboard via iframe and trying to attempt the pre filtering when fetching it but its still not clear how this should be done. Below steps was followed. Can you please check and let us know if something wrong was done.

  1. We have a Test dashboard which has different customer region(attribute) as you can see in first image.
  2. Aim is to get iframe/url of the dashboard prefiltered with data of only South region. For this we set the tag on the Customer Region with tag value as south which can be seen in second image.
  3. After this we use the includeObjectsWithTags=[south] in embedded url link to get the dashboard with prefiltered south region data only but this didn’t worked. Here is the detailed link[…]ue&includeObjectsWithTags=[south]&setHeight=700

Can you please suggest us what we could be doing wrong here and how this could be achieved? Please let me know if you will need any additional info.


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based on your screenshots provided I see you're having issues with the Embedded KPI Dashboard filters still showing the other Attribute values. This would then refer to this article:

Would you please be so kind as to send us over the complete Embed URL you're using so we can review this for you?

@Michael Ullock Many thanks for the quick reply. Yes about the problem you are right. I also followed the link you pasted before trying the embedding option and was experimenting with using tags and I might be doing something wrong here with tags or might have to do in a different way.


About your question: Here is the detailed embedding url. Please let me know if you will need any further info.[south]&setHeight=700

@Michael Ullock Adding onto above reply, the above url used the test dashboard which comes from my free account with gooddata. But I also tried Gooddata platform dashboard and results were same. Here I tried to pre filter the dashboard with Device Type = mobile and attaching couple of screenshots along with the embedding url.

I believe there is something wrong with setting tags which might be causing it but please check once where I might be doing wrong.[mobile]&setHeight=700

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this issue is already being discussed outside of this Community thread and in our Slack channel here:

I see you're already discussing this topic with our Product team and our Engineers. So the Slack channel will be the best resource to assist with this query now. However, I am posting the link to the chat here for visibility for future Community members that may have the same question :)