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  • 18 April 2023
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I am trying to make a report that shows the total number of calls/jobs vs the number of calls/jobs with a ticket of at least $189, broken down by team member.


I would also like a report showing the total average invoice, broken down by team member.


And the MTD/YTD totals, broken down by team member.  


Additionally, if we can separate all of these by tags such as commercial vs residential.  


Is there a way to set all of this up?  I've been playing around and I think I have found the average invoices and MTD, but that is about it.


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7 replies

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Hi Breck,

Thanks a lot for posting your question to our Community forum.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with your data or model, which is crucial for building of such metrics, but it looks like you would need to create couple of advanced metrics to achieve expected results here.

Please check how to use Filter Expressions and Time Transformation functions, while building your metrics via MAQL.

Do you have any testing versions of your metrics that you can share with us, please? Is there any particular metric or its syntax/expression that you are struggling with now?

Thanks in advance for letting me know.

Thank you for your help.  I think I have the data I am looking for.  However, I do not see an option to export.  I have looked at the help documents and I do not have an option to export where the documents say I should.  Is there another way?

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Hi Breck, I see you are apparently using GoodData CN, could you please confirm? If so, you can consult this documentation on how to export a dashboard: Export Dashboards | GoodData Cloud Native, or this on how to export visualtizations: Export Visualizations | GoodData Cloud Native. If you are still having issues, please check your developer console logs and send us a traceID so we can check the error details for you.



I thought I have GoodData CN, however, I am not sure.  It is whatever FieldPulse signed me up for when I asked for Power Reporting.  I do not have the 3 dots, except for on Dashboard.  When I open the app to manipulate the report, I do not have an option to share nor do I see anything that would allow me to export.

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Could you please share a screenshot of exactly what you are seeing on your end? This may have to do with permissions or possibly related to how it has been embedded if this had been applied.


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This does look like CN, but you may be on an older version. If you are using any version before 2.3, you will need to update to the most current version. You can find the information on upgrading from the K8’s version here:


It will also be a good idea to follow our release notes for the product: