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I have some data that is recognised as geography on bigquery, however when I import into gooddata it is recognised as a string. How can I change it to be geography so that I can use the geo attribute functions within insights? I also have the individual lat and long coordinates imported if it is easier to use them? The combined coordinates are in bigquery in the format “POINT(X.XX X.XX)”.


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You need to make sure the data is configured in the label section of the attribute. Can you please confirm you have followed the steps here:

So the issue is the I cannot load my data in that format into BigQuery. Is there a way to convert it once it is in GoodData or do I just need to find a work around with another data source do you think?

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The data must be stored as a string in your source data with the following format: 


For example: 


You will then need to specify the label as “Geo pushpin” in the attribute configuration page in GoodData. 

Ah I see, that makes sense. Final question - where is the attribute configuration page? I have looked at this clnk but there is no longer a mange tab at the top of the page where you could previously manage attributes. I am guessing it has been moved, I am just not sure where to.

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Hi James, 


It looks like you don’t have admin privileges within that workspace. The manage section will appear there for user with specific workspace roles. Workspace admins are the only users who can makes changes like this to the LDM or data. 

That makes sense thank you. However, I am the only user on this account and cannot find anywhere to upgrade my privileges. Could it be missing as this is only a trial acconut?

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Could you please confirm the product you are using? Is this for GoodData Cloud or for the Platform edition? 

Cloud. This is the url.

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Sorry for that! In this case you can update labels in Cloud as mentioned here:


Also, this is the correct docs for preparing the data:

Amazing, I have it now thank you.