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  • 4 April 2023
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I’ve seen a demo when a headline visual has a comparison versus a previous period, the percentage difference is green/red depending on an increase or decrease vs previous period.

How is this conditional formatting implementeD?


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8 replies

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May I know what product of GoodData are you currently using, please? Conditional formatting might be slightly different in GoodData Cloud and GoodData Platform.

Or if possible, send me a link or a screenshot from your demo, please.

Hi Iiva


We are using GoodData Platform.



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Thanks for letting me know.

You can find the instructions in articles linked below:

Formatting Numbers in Insights
Conditional Number Formatting
Color Formatting Reference

Another option would be to implement one of our SDKs and work with advanced Visual components this way.



I don’t believe those first 3 articles apply to the ‘versus’ percentage in a headline vs a previous period, correct?


There is no drop down config option for the y value 


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I see, sorry for my misunderstanding here. Could you point me to that demo somehow, please?
Or could it possible, it was actually showing the KPI(Key Performance Indicator ) and not the Insight?



Ahh yes you are right, it is the KPI insight!


Are we able to embed KPIs? I am struggling to find the embed option.



Hello, just want to follow up on the above, thanks


see here: or .

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