Can variables be updated via a dashboard?

  • 28 April 2022
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Is it possible to have a field visible on a dashboard or insight that allows updating of a variable without having to use the manage page?

I have looked through the documentation and have seen it is possible to update variables using the API but was wondering if there is a way of doing this directly in a dashboard.


Thanks in advance


Best answer by Iva Gasparekova 28 April 2022, 10:54

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Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. Could you explain a bit why would you require such a functionality, please?

Thank Iva, I though this was the case but just wanted to check.

I would like this feature as it would make it slightly easier for dashboard users to set the value of variables without having to go to the manage/variables page.

I think it would be useful for quickly changing a variable and seeing the results in a report. e.g. a report shows a list of sales and the commission paid on each item, with the commission percentage stored in a variable. It would be useful for the person viewing the report to be able to change the commission percentage on the report and see the results instantly.