Can graph/variables be updated via an embedded dashboard?

  • 23 September 2022
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I manage to embed the dashboard but i can only view the dashboards which i created on Gooddata platform.

Is there any way i can change or edit the graph/data of dashboard via Embed Dashboard or API call or with some Code or graph/data can only be changed or added via Gooddata platform?



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7 replies

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What kind of changes are you looking to make exactly? If you want the end user to explore the data in anyway they chose, then maybe Embedding the Analytical Designer would fit your use case. 


You could also embed an empty dashboard in an edit mode so users would be able to essentially build the dashboard with saved insights. Another option might be to use GD.UI to design your full use-case. 


I am looking for a way that the end user can edit embed dashboard. e.g add new data, make changes in insights etc. In Embedding the Analytical Designer user can see only one insight, i want user to see whole dashboard and add insights and edit them. Is it possible ?



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From what I can gather, this is not possible. You would need to embed a blank dashboard in which the users can build as mentioned here:


I’ll need to check further internally to see if there may be any other possible workarounds at the moment. 

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I’m afraid there are no current workarounds for this at the moment. You would need to embed a blank dashboard if you wish the users to design it themselves. 

Thanks for your response. In case of blank dashboard how can we separate each client then with another ? Since if we give a blank dashboard, a client can see all other dashboards as well. Or is there any other way ?

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The user would then need to save the dashboard after making all the final changes and use the “save as new” button. 

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Apologies as I have missed this, but you can control some embedding settings through iframe:


There is a good article about communicating with the dashboard in iframe here: