Navigating GoodData APIs with the GoodDataGoogle Chrome Extension

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GoodData has a lot of APIs to help manage your GoodData domain, workspaces, and other components. To help navigate through these APIs via gray pages, GoodData’s Services team member Michal Hauzirek developed a useful GoodData Chrome Extension! You can download the extension tool here:


Once the extension tool is downloaded, you will be able to use it when you visit a GoodData hostname URL (i.e. ‘’ or ‘’). Let’s look at all of the options that can be enabled with this tool:

  • The Toolbar: All of the buttons included in toolbar are described in depth here: chrome-extension://ifcamcjkflbbalnmnbnlkiehbieknjog/gd_help.html

  • The Magic Buttons: You can add up to five additional buttons to link to other gray pages. This is a handy tool to bookmark sites you frequently visit while navigating through your GoodData projects. You can configure these magic buttons on this page: chrome-extension://ifcamcjkflbbalnmnbnlkiehbieknjog/options.html. Here are a few examples of buttons you can implement:

    • ADS: https://${HOSTNAME_URL}/gdc/datawarehouse/instances

      • This ADS link will show you what ADS instances your user login has access to

    • FeatureFlags (FF): https://${HOSTNAME_URL}/gdc/projects/${PID}/config

      • This button will allow you to view all feature flag settings configured in the workspace

    • MAQL DML: https://${HOSTNAME_URL}/gdc/md/${PID}/dml/manage 

      • This DML button will take you to the gray pages for DML MAQL management. You can use this page to commit DML MAQL like MAQL deletes.

    • Clone: https://${HOSTNAME_URL}/labs/apps/clone_project/index.html#/clone-project 

      • Quick button to clone workspaces your user login has access to

    • Labs: https://${HOSTNAME_URL}/labs/apps/

      • Quick button to access all tools in GoodData labs

    • SLI: https://${HOSTNAME_URL}/gdc/md/${PID}/etl/mode

      • This link directs you to prune unused values in the SLI hash within the project. This is a great tool to clean up and make space in your SLI hash.


More information related with the extension tool and its version history is located here: chrome-extension://ifcamcjkflbbalnmnbnlkiehbieknjog/gd_help.html. Remember, if you want to enable magic buttons in the extension, don’t forget to press ‘Save options’!


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