Connecting GoodData.CN to Your Local Database

  • 16 April 2021
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When you refer to localhost within a Docker container, you cannot access a service on the Docker host. To resolve the internal IP address used by the host, use host.docker.internal.

For example, you run your PostgreSQL instance on localhost:5433/dbname. The connection string would be jdbc:postgresql://host.docker.internal:5433/dbname.

This data source payload will create a data source called my-ds:

"data": {
"attributes": {
"name": "my-ds",
"url": "jdbc:postgresql://host.docker.internal:5433/dbname",
"schema": "<schema>",
"type": "POSTGRESQL",
"username": "<user>",
"password": "<password>",
"enableCaching": false
"id": "my-ds",
"type": "dataSource"

See API Reference for how to create a data source.

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