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  • 24 November 2021
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I need to find information related to each of the users in my project. I am going to{workspace_id}/users


but it is asking me for my username and password - which is not accepted when I enter it.


I get the following error:

{  "component" : "auth-service",  "message" : "Bad Login or Password!",  "parameters" : [ ]}


I am definitely entering the correct username (my email) and password associated with my GoodData account.


Please can you tell me how to access user information - I need this to be able to set up data permissions.





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10 replies

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Hi Courtney, 


Can you please make sure you are using your whitelabeled domain instead of “”?





Thank you!

Hello, I have same problem.  I would like to login into secure. I don't use whitelabeled domain.

I get info about bad password. I'm sure that I use right password.

Please help me.

Thank you very much.



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Hello Petr,

Could you please confirm the login you are using?



Hello, when I login into this page I login without problem. 



When I would like use this page I can't login.


Thank you for help.


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Hi Petr,

The first screenshot is related to your GoodData Cloud environment. The second is related to grey pages in the GoodData Platform. These are two separate products, and if you only have access to the Cloud environment, then you wouldn’t be able to access the Platform. 

Hi, thank you for information.

What option do I have to export all information about the selected workspace?

Can you help me with this ?

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Could you explain exactly which details you are looking to find and what needs to be exported from your cloud environment?

Hello, I need export whole workspace without users and data. This export file import into new workspace another user.



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You should be able to use the following to clone a workspace: 

GET /api/v1/layout/workspaces/{id1}
PUT /api/v1/layout/workspaces/{id2}

You will just have to create the new {id2} workspace before putting the content of {id1} workspace into it.
Another way is to utilize our python-sdk.