New user create account + invitation mail : with whitelabelling, is there a way to update the behaviour?

  • 26 January 2022
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We have recently implemented workspaces in GoodData, using WhiteLabelling possibilities to change ergonomy of some features in the tool. Still, we are facing some blocking points, does somebody knows if they are limitations from GoodData PAAS, or just features that we do not know yet how to use?

  • Is it possible to deactivate the « Create your account » link in the login page ? We don’t want that any user be able to create his own account, as it would be useless : by default, a new user cannot access any workspace, so an action by a domain admin is anyway necessary
  • On the other hand, when a user is invited to join a workspace via the automatic mail, is there a way to change the content of this mail ?

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Julius,

Thanks, it helped a lot! Using the “hideRegistration” parameter + other parameters of White labelling settins, we were able to solve our issues.

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Hi Quentin,


I can confirm that you can easily achieve both. 

  • You can deactivate the « Create your account » button with hideRegistration platform setting.You can set it as a domain admin via grey pages (docs here) or via API.
  • Content of emails can be changed as well. Please check our White labelling docs which describe how to do so. 


All the best,