Main menu page : some bugs found (whitelabelling used)

  • 26 January 2022
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We have recently implemented workspaces in GoodData, using WhiteLabelling possibilities to change ergonomy of some features in the tool. In the main menu page - the one displaying the list of the workspaces accessibles - we have found 2 behaviours that are looking strange, as they were bugs : do you know more about them? Can they be changed?

  • On the top-left of the screen, we have a word displaying which is the subdomain name of the new URL we are using to access our GoodData domain (« data » in our case). Is this a normal behaviour, or is there a way to change that? This word, alone, doesn’t means much to our users…
  • We changed the logos of GoodData with ours using the WhiteLabelling options, but when coming back to this main menu page, the GoodData icon still shows up for a few seconds in the browser tab before being replaced by ours. Which is strange because no other page of GoodData is having such a behaviour. Is this a bug?

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Quentin, 

in the top-left of the screen you have the app logo and project picker - as outlined in our documentation here:

If you would like to update the logos or any other part of your WhiteLabel settings, please see the article below:

If the above doesn't help or I have misunderstood the issue you're running into here, would you please be so kind as to provide more details and perhaps a screenshot of the word/URL you're reffering to? 

In regards to the GoodData icon still being visible for a few seconds in the browser tab before being replaced by yours: This sounds like a caching issue in your browser - Would you please be so kind as to try and remove your cache & cookies in your browser and let us know if this helps resolve this issue? 

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your information : it helped us a lot in the past weeks, and we were able to achieve customization inside workspaces. But to precise, the 2 issues we have are outside any workspace : it’s the main menu, reachable at :


This page displays the list of workspaces availables for one user connected → I added a screenshot of the page displayed to us, just anonymysing some parts in grey. The word “data” is displayed here close to the logo, and as we changed our redirection URL to access GoodData, having a URL like “data.<mypublicdomain>.com”, we suspect that the “data” word is coming from our subdomain name.

Unfortunately, on this same page, removing the cache & cookies didn’t solved the logo issue in the browser (I tried Firefox with normal navigation + private navigation)

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Hi Quentin, 

thanks for providing this clarification and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. But I just wanted to let you know that I didn't forget about this issue and I have reached out to our Product team to clarify this for us and I'm awaiting their feedback - I will get back to you in the coming days once I have more details on this. 

Thank you for your patience in the meantime. 

We are having the same problem--goodata logos and links are appearing on the /home/ link. We have triple-checked API settings and we have fully entered all whitelabel data.


How do we hide the gooddata logos on the domain/home/?


And how do we get the Help logo to link correctly? It is still showing the gooddata links.




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Hi Quentin & Jon, 

my apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. But I wanted to let you know that we have been in touch with our Product team and we have created an internal ticket for our Engineers to fix this issue with the GoodData logos still being displayed after you have updated your WhiteLabel settings. I will keep you updated with the progress and also let you know when we will be rolling out a fix for this. 

In regards to the reported issue of the name in the top-left of the screen, I can confirm that the name is being taken from the from the URL (highest level domain) and that's why you're only seeing "data" there. Again, I have been in contact with our Product team and we are planning on updating this. However, I do not have all the details on the update/fix we're going to put in place. But I will provide more details on this next week once I have more details from our Product team. 

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Hi Quentin & Jon, 

I just wanted to provide you with an update of the progress so far.

Regarding the issue where the GoodData logos are still being displayed after you have updated your WhiteLabel settings: Our Engineering team are going to be releasing a fix for this in the next 2 weeks. After the release of this fix, your WhiteLabel settings/logos will then be visible under this resource: https://<domain>/home/

In regards to the naming convention in the top-left of the screen under this resource: https://<domain>/home/
We have decided to take a quick action and hide the domain name completely for the WhiteLabel customers which resolves the issue right away. However, we are planning a new design for the HomePage to be released in next few weeks and we may consider a different long-term solution for this naming or in a future release moving forward. 

I will keep you posted with the progress both of the above issues and let you know once the fixes have been rolled out. 


Thanks for the top-left screen naming convention action. Waiting for the rest, thanks to keep us posted!

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Hi Quentin, 

sorry for the radio silence and not getting back to you sooner here. The GoodData logos still being displayed after you have updated your WhiteLabel settings has now been resolved. The GoodData logo is no longer displayed on the Homepage and now reflects your WhiteLabel settings. 


Thanks for the resolution!