GoodData Cloud Native, Dev/Test license

  • 5 August 2021
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I'm working on Installation GoodData.CN into our AWS EKS.

We have two separate AWS environments: a Dev/Test-stage and a Production stage. We are also using Redshift as a datasource - so we need to have the ability to work with it during development.

For sure I'm not able to use Enterprise License Key for Dev/Tests stage environment.

How can I install DEV/Test version (or a Community version) to AWS Kubernetes cluster?

Could you please help me to find a proper way to install GoodData.CN as a Dev/Test version?
Is it possible to obtain a DEV/Test Licence Key for a Cloud-Native installation?



Best answer by Martin Svadlenka 6 August 2021, 08:56

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Hi Pavel,
We do provide 3 various production ready editions - FREE, GROWTH, ENTERPRISE. In case of FREE, you can get the license key upon registration of company email. There is no limitation on number of workspaces or registrations you can make.
For GROWTH and ENTERPRISE this is handled individually. We can split the amount of workspaces you require between license keys you need. Please contact our sales and they will be able to help.