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Hi everyone!

My name is Pavel Kolesnikov, and I’m part of GoodData’s product and product marketing team. I joined the company about 10 years ago, and I’ve been working in a number of technical customer-facing positions, including professional services, sales engineering, and product management.

I live in San Francisco with my wife and two kids, but I’m originally from the Czech Republic. I like online chess, running, sourdough baking, and coffee roasting.

I’m part of the team responsible for launching and running the new GoodData community. I’ve started this topic so my colleagues can introduce themselves, and I hope to hear more about you too.

Feel free to use this topic to share where you work, what you do, and how you use or are going to use the GoodData platform!

I’m excited to see how our customers use GoodData to build great analytical products. Looking forward to meeting everyone! 



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Hi all. I’m Andy.

I’ve joined GoodData just recently as a product manager. Located in Prague, originally from Ukraine. I’m going to work primarily on GoodData.UI.

Hi there! I am Honza.

I work as a Technical support engineer at GoodData, and I joined in 2012. I am here to help and answer any questions you may have related to GoodData.

I spend almost all of my free time with my "five-member" family and our dog, a Border Collie who is part of our big family. Apart from that, I am a passionate fan of Arsenal FC. I also love beekeeping on our house roof, fishing, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Hello Community Friends!

My name is Pavol Polacek. My nationality is Slovak but I live in Czech republic for ages.

I started to work in GoodData from 2020, April, 1th in Customer Support Analyst position. Before onboarding here, I worked for more that 15 years in international broadcasting company.

I love music and travelling, especially with my motor bike. I like to learn a new things in IT technology, preferably in development of application for iOS mobile devices. I am interested in everything around Apple.

Looking forward to meet you here!



Hello All!

My name is David Ramirez. Born and raised in the Bay Area. Attended San Jose State University where I received my BS in computer engineering. I have been with GoodData 5+ years where I have worked on a variety of solutions for a number of customers. I currently specialize in our GoodData.UI SDK. I love helping customers take full advantage of our SDKs to custom tailer their solution.

I love music and music technology. A lot of my free time is spent making bleeps and bloops on my modular synthesizer. Recently I have also found interest in electroacoustic music a la John Cage.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey!  I’m Selena.  I was born and raised in San Francisco, California and studied Applied Mathematics and Biology at Brown University, specializing in genetics and evolutionary microbiology.  I have been working for GoodData for about 2 years, first as a Data Engineer on the Professional Services team, and now as a Customer Engineer on the Product Enablement team.  I love math, love learning, and love solving problems.  In my free time, I like reading, running, playing piano, urban hiking, backpacking, gardening, skateboarding, and cycling.  In 2018, I took 4 months off work to travel around South America by myself, which was an awesome opportunity to meet and be influenced by people from all over the world.  I am an avid feminist, and advocating for social justice and LGBTQ+ rights is very import to me.  I also write poetry and enjoy making stencil art. 


I am looking forward to meeting you!  Please reach out with any question, or anything you’d simply like to discuss. :relaxed:



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Hey, I’m Dan! I came to GoodData in January as a data engineer on the professional services team, with a background creating data pipelines for pharmaceutical data. I’m located in San Francisco, CA and excited to see what will be shared/asked in the Community!

Hi there!


I’m Jan. I joined GoodData three months ago as a product manager. I am responsible for the development of our data pipeline, life cycle management, and partnerships. I am a big advocate of data-driven and problem solving–based product management, so I’m especially interested in how our customers use our platform, what business problems they’re facing, and how we can help them solve their business problems. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and helping you!


I live in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. In my spare time, I enjoy road and MTB cycling (if you are ever in Prague, make sure to visit the villages around it, they’re so nice!), long-distance cross-country skiing, travelling, and reading (mostly topics around physics, product management, and self-improvement).


Looking forward to meeting you!



Hi there!


My name is Sheila and I am currently a member of GoodData’s product enablement team. I started working at GoodData in 2015 as a Solutions Architect in Professional Services with a background in BI + ETL consulting. I am a California bay area native and currently reside in San Francisco. I’m excited to read questions/comments from our GoodData Community :slight_smile:



Hello, I’m ZD. I’m responsible for product management and marketing at GoodData. I co-founded GoodData more than 12 years ago. I’m very interested in how you use or plan to use our technology. I like skiing and riding a bike in my free time. I live and work in Prague, Czech Republic.


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Hi, I’m Petr, and I live in San Francisco. At GoodData, I'm responsible for customer education and enablement. People here call me “the professor,” because of my passion for understanding and explaining anything data related. My background is in data architecture and data modeling. 

In my spare time, I’d rather listen to Mahler than exercise any day.



My name is Vilem, and I’m responsible for all things UI-related at GoodData. I have been part of the product team for just over three years. In the past, I have been involved more in the development side of things at GoodData, but I’ve recently moved into more of the business side of product management. 

I am based in Brno, Czech Republic. In my free time, I enjoy cycling both on the road and on mountain bikes. I also enjoy spending time away from the rush of the city, somewhere in the mountains where I can be close to nature. 

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My name is Jiri, and I started at GoodData as a software engineer roughly five years ago. As I discovered how much I enjoyed working with customers, I began to transition to the developer advocate role and moved from Czechia to San Francisco.

When I’m not introducing our customers to the technical depths of our platform and its APIs and SDK, I’m probably either cycling, skiing, or hiking in the mountains. I also enjoy a good pint of pilsner at the end of a busy day.