GoodData.CN on ARM based VM's

  • 12 October 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi Team


While deploying GoodData.CN on our cloud provider, the choice is ARM based kubernetes cluster (aarch64).  But after installing good data, the pod’s are giving Initialization errors. 

Can you please confirm whether gooddata images works fine on ARM based nodes. 

2 replies

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Hi, we distribute docker images only for amd64 architecture. Also, the Apache Pulsar images are available for am64 only, because incompatibility with one of its build depenencies.

We plan to start building our multiarch images (containing amd64 and aarch64), but it doesn’t resolve the issue with Pulsar anyway.

Therefore you’d need both ARM and Intel-based nodes anyway, which is not much cost-effective solution.


Thank you Robert Moucha. Totally understand the pulsar dependency and also appreciate the future plan for support of multiarch images for gooddata.